How to join MyOSD?

Become a Citizen Scientist and get out on a field trip all by yourself or with family and friends and collect samples and environmental data for OSD!


You can help scientists to map the hidden marine microbial world with a few simple steps:

  • Contact the MyOSD hub in your area to obtain your MyOSD kit
  • Get surface water with a bucket or container
  • Do the measurements and take samples as reported in the MyOSD handbook
  • Enter the measured data in the OSD Citizen App and in the MyOSD logsheet 
  • Upload your data and see all other data on the OSD mapserver
  • Take the samples back to your MyOSD hub

Who can join?

Anybody who is interested and has access to marine or fresh water can join MyOSD. Even if you are just in your garden or any other spot in the world you can send us your data, just be aware that the App was mainly build for the acquisition of marine data, so some field will not fit.

I could not find an OSD hub in my area. Can I still participate MyOSD?

Yes of course! You can measure environmental data like Temperature, Salinity, Phosphate, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Ph. These data will help the scientist to get a better understanding of the world’s oceans. To learn more about how you can measure these parameters please click here.

Can I participate without a Smartphone?

Yes of course! Just write all your measurements down on paper. Later you can fill in an online form with your data and upload it to the OSD server.

A photo can say a more than thousand words:

Take a group picture during sampling or picture any other interesting observations. Photos are always appreciated!


 Group picture

You can either upload them via the App or sending them to using your OSD ID as part of the subject line of the email.

How to contact us and join the mailing list

If you have any questions or want to sign up for the mailing list don’t hesitate to contact us via

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The official Hashtag are #oceansamplingday, #myosd and #citizenscience

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