Pilot Ocean Sampling Day 2013

Pilot Ocean Sampling Day

June 21st, 2013



To practise for next year's official Micro B3 Ocean Sampling Day on June 21 2014 the third OSD-pilot will be taking place with already more than 50 sites participating world wide this year on June 21.

Sampling needs to be done in summer and winter to get the peaks and troughs of marine microbial diversity on both hemispheres. At least one litre of sea water is sampled in a standardized manner, including environmental parameters, filtered according to standard procedure, sent to the Smithsonian Institute, split in two to be archived and sent for DNA 16S sequencing (and for potential metagenomic shotgun sequencing) at Argonne National Lab (USA).

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Friday, June 21, 2013
Pilot OSD 2013