New Frontiers in Blue Biotechnology - Research & SME Alliances in Early Drug Discovery - A Lunch Briefing

The European Commission’s Communication on Blue Growth identified blue biotechnology as one of the key areas with high growth and innovation potential. In this emerging field, early drug discovery is one of the most promising applications for sustainable technological development.

Alliances between academia and SMEs can a driving force of the blue biotechnology sector by bridging the gaps in various value chains. Moreover, such science driven approaches will help to ensure that technology is developed in a sustainable manner. The FP7 project MARINE FUNGI, which brings together interdisciplinary inputs from a consortium of institutes and SMEs to search for novel anticancer agents, is a show case for such a successful strategic alliance and can deliver invaluable lessons on how to generate innovation and blue growth in the future.

The aim of this scientific briefing is to present and discuss new opportunities arising out of the Blue Growth study and Horizon2020 to meet the urgent demands of the health sector together with Members of the European Parliament, representatives of the European institutions and other interested stakeholders.

Micro B3 will be represented by Arianna Brogiatto and Arul Scaria, UC Louvain, Belgium



Wednesday, January 29, 2014
ASP 1E3, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium