MicroB3 sampling groups workshop EBI 5-6 July 2012

The EMBL-EBI is the MicroB3 project partner involved in the Standards and Interoperability WP4 management, http://www.microb3.eu/work-packages/wp4.
Guy Cochrane is leading the WP4, Stephane Riviere and myself are involved in the working package scientifically and organizationally, with a help of Sheila Plaister in the later aspect.
In the frame of the Task 4-2, where we will establish best practices in sampling, we would like to invite you to a sampling groups workshop that should facilitate understanding of practices in place at MicroB3 partners active in sampling and oceanography. With a support of our collaborating partners from UOXF, CNRS, MPIMM, UniHB, IFREMER, MARIS, VLIZ and CIESM we will gather information on current and expected future practices in sample information capture and handling.
The workshop will take place on 5th-6th of July 2012 at EMBL-EBI in Hinxton, Cambridge, UK.

It will begin at midday on the first day and run until midday on the next day, allowing travel at either end and offering a chance to have a workshop dinner and continue discussions in the evening of the first meeting day.
We will provide a lunch on both days, refreshment during a coffee break and a dinner on the first day. However, we can not provide travel and lodging support. MicroB3 partners shall be able to claim travel costs on their individual budget/workpackage. For further information on accommodation and traveling please see links at the bottom of this letter.
Ideally, each collaborating Institute will be represented by up to two primary participants who have a good understanding of the best sampling practices in their particular field of research. Please therefore forward this e-mail to such people as you see appropriate at your Institute and please also send a note to us (petra@ebi.ac.uk or sriviere@ebi.ac.uk) so that we can update the list of participants.

Accomodation for EBI visitors:
Travelling to the EBI:

Thursday, July 5, 2012 to Friday, July 6, 2012
EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK
MicroB3 sampling groups workshop EBI 5-6 July 2012